About us

Started in 1990, Thompson's General Store, Inc. opened with little to no inventory in a tiny 400 sq ft building.  We have loved getting to know our customers and to serve their needs as our store has expanded over the past 30 years.  And now we look forward to serving the needs of our online customers as well.  We have made a commitment to find suppliers that provide quality products and share our commitment to walk with integrity in all our business dealings. 

Our mix of products continues to grow and diversify, and we welcome inquiries from you, our valued customer.  You will find a wide range of items from our Handmade Collection that are handcrafted by members of our company and other artisans. We also stock gift items to satisfy the need for a unique item for a special occasion or to decorate your home or patio.  And if you enjoy crafting there are products to stimulate your imagination.  We love kitchen gadgets and trendy treasures for children and adults.  We have been able to purchase top quality items at special pricing allowing us to offer deep discounts on limited quantities of these products.  If you enjoy reading, please check out our library of new and used editions. 

Be sure to check back regularly to see what has been added and sign up for email notifications of sales and seasonal offers.